Welcome to our Online Pneumatics Quiz.  The quiz below should be administered to all maintenance personnel responsible for pneumatic equipment. A score of less than 70% is a strong indication that  GPM's Basic Pneumatic Maintenance and Troubleshooting workshop could reap significant savings in unnecessary down time and parts cost.

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1) Pascal’s Law states that pressure in a confined body of fluid acts _________in all directions.
2) If a cylinder has 30 square inches of area on its full piston side, how much force can be developed to extend the cylinder if pressurized to 100 PSI?
3) If the temperature of a gas increases and the pressure remains constant, what happens to the volume of the gas?
4) The temperature at which water vapor condenses out of the air and turns into liquid water is known as the__________________.
5) How many cubic feet of outside air is required to produce 1 cubic foot of air compressed to 100 PSI?
6) The absolute pressure of a confined body of gas varies _________ as its volume changes, provided the temperature remains constant.
7) When piping a distribution air system, how much should the pipe be sloped downward to allow condensate to flow to a low point to be removed by a drain valve?
8) Which of the following will a filter NOT remove from the air line?
9) The distance between a secondary filter and the component it protects should be no more than:
10) True or False.  An air regulator can be mounted in any position.
11) The symbol shown below represents what type of pneumatic component?

nonrelieving regulator

  1. A good rule of thumb to use for operating an actuator at normal speed is to set the air regulator _________ higher than the pressure required to move the load.

13) What kind of pneumatic component does the symbol shown below represent?

air lubricator

  1. True or False. It is better to over lubricate than under lubricate.

15) How should an air lubricator be mounted?
16) Which of the following characteristics does the valve below NOT have?

17) When installing a flow control in circuit to control the speed of a cylinder, how is it best to connect it in the line?
18) The amount of air flow that a compressor delivers is rated in:

19) What is the no. 1 reason for downtime on a reciprocating, piston type compressor?
20) Which of the following does not apply to the function of the oil in a wet rotary screw compressor?
21) Which of the following is not true of a centrifugal type compressor?
22) True or False.  For every 20° F rise in air temperature inside the compressor, the moisture content doubles.
23) Where will you find the moisture separator in a compressor system?
24) Which of the following is not a function of an air receiver?
25) Which one of the following statements about air leaks is false?
26) Which two chemicals are normally used in deliquescent type dryers?
27) Which of the following is not true of regenerative desiccant dryers?
28) Refrigeration dryers remove water vapor by __________________.
29) True or False. Pneumatic servo and proportional valves are used to precisely control the speed, position or pressure in the system.
30) True or false. An air motor can be stalled without damage.