GPM Hydraulic Consulting, the nation’s leader in fluid power training, troubleshooting, and reliability has recently launched its first online hydraulic troubleshooting course, Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting. Since 1994, GPM has been conducting fluid power troubleshooting workshops for hundreds of industrial plants all over the United States, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, the UK and South Africa. The same Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting course is now available to be taken at your own pace online.

Self-Paced Online Troubleshooting Training

The course requires approximately 24 – 30 hours to complete. The interactive browser-based instruction includes video clips from actual live training, rich content with animated hydraulic components and complete systems to help the student understand the inner workings of the system, blocking quizzes as the course progresses to ensure that key concepts are fully understood before proceeding and downloadable course materials for each of the 11 modules to be printed and used to accompany the web instruction then kept as reference material after the finishing the course.


Upon completion of the online course, a 50-question final exam is administered. With a score of at least 70%, a custom certificate may be downloaded and kept as proof that the student has passed the nation’s most respected Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting course.


The complete online troubleshooting course is only $599, payable online by credit card or by purchase order. To pay by purchase order, call (770) 267-3787. For a limited time during our introductory period, a $200 coupon is available. Until September 30th, enter the coupon code BASIC to receive a $200 discount from the purchase price!


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