Hydraulic Safety Training

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Hydraulic Safety Training

Hydraulic Safety is priority one at GPM.  Deadly forces are a daily risk for anyone who works on or around a hydraulic system and the greatest weapon technicians have against these forces is knowledge.  We believe that all accidents are preventable if maintenance personnel are made aware of the dangers involved.  In our half-day and full-day hydraulic safety workshops we focus on:

  • How to safely release stored hydraulic energy in the lines and components
  • The dangers of systems that use hydraulic accumulators
  • The four types of hydraulic dump valves normally used in systems
  • How to determine if the system is safe for performing maintenance
  • The two types of hydraulic valves normally used with suspended loads
  • How to avoid injection injury when servicing the system
  • How to avoid burns from potentially hot components
  • How to inspect the system for safety
  • Writing lockout procedures to achieve a zero-energy state
  • Potential hazards and their warning signs

A GPM consultant can perform regular safety inspections and periodic safety training to keep your facility safe and profitable.

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