Welcome to our Online Hydraulics Quiz.  The quiz below should be administered to all maintenance personnel responsible for hydraulic equipment. A score of less than 70% is a strong indication that  GPM's  Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting workshop should be attended prior to our Machine-Specific Hydraulic Troubleshooting workshop to reap significant savings in unnecessary parts changing and plant downtime.

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1. Pascal’s law states that pressure in a confined body of fluid will act_______________in all directions.
2. Pressure in a hydraulic system is generated by ___________ to flow.
3. Force = __________ x ____________
4. Most of the energy not used to move the load in a hydraulic system turns into____________.
5. The relief valve is a normally closed valve. The term “closed” means that in the power off condition the valve is:
6. When the compensator setting of a pressure compensating hydraulic pump is reached the pump volume will:
7. What is the number one reason why pumps cavitate?
8. What five characteristics does the valve below have?

9. Which valve center position would be best to use with a fixed displacement pump?

A               B               C
10. Which of the valve actuators indicates a larger valve?

11. The pressure reducing valve shown below is:

12. What type gas should normally be used to charge an accumulator?
13. In precharging an accumulator used for volume, if there are no designer recommendations a good setting for most systems is
14. When using a hydraulic accumulator for volume and the accumulator is operating properly, heat should be felt:
15. When using an accumulator for shock it should be:
16. The symbol shown below indicates:

17. A purpose of the crossport relief valve in a hydraulic motor circuit is to:
18. Servo and proportional valves operate from a:
19. A servo valve should be nulled:
20. The purpose of a Temposonic transducer is:
21. When a problem exists with a linear positioner circuit, the first thing you would do is to:
22. What is the most reliable indication of a faulty variable displacement hydraulic pump?
23. What determines the speed of a hydraulic cylinder or a motor?
24. Which of the following applications would require a non bypassing type filter?
25. To prevent seal leakage, the case drain line of a hydraulic motor should:

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