Machine Specific Hydraulic Troubleshooting

The Customized Workshop Manual

Our Machine Specific Hydraulic Troubleshooting workshop is designed and taught on the actual systems at your plant. First a survey is conducted on the systems that you select to be taught in the workshop. During the survey we verify that the components in the system are accurate with the hydraulic schematic. Pictures are also taken of the components in the system for inclusion in the workshop manual. The schematics of the systems you choose to be included in the workshop are then redrawn to integrate the electrical control with the hydraulic flow. A description is written describing the function, troubleshooting and adjustment procedure of each component. Once the training is complete, the manual can be used when actual hydraulic problems occur.


The Workshop

This workshop includes time both in the classroom and in the plant. During the classroom portion of the hydraulic training the students work “circuit tracing” and hydraulic troubleshooting exercises. Time is then spent in the plant to identify the components and record hydraulic reliability and preventive maintenance information. The workshop is taught by an experienced instructor who uses real life examples, specific troubleshooting techniques and computerized hydraulic animation to keep the class interesting and informative. At the conclusion of the class, the student will understand the in plant systems and know what troubleshooting and preventive maintenance checks to make.

The eBook

Once the in-plant troubleshooting workshop has been completed, you can order the customized hydraulic manual to be converted into an eBook in pdf format. This is a fully searchable CD that contains the colorized hydraulic schematics, electrical cycles and complete component descriptions. This eBook can be downloaded onto a company intranet, control room computer, mobile device, laptop, office computer and home computer for troubleshooting the in-plant systems. Click the link below to view a sample eBook or go to our free downloads and multimedia page to see many sample eBooks.

Sample eBook


“Not only do the ones who attended have a better understanding of our hydraulics, they know how to troubleshoot problems, have an excellent set of books on the systems, and learned a systematic troubleshooting procedure that can be applied to most maintenance problems, hydraulic or otherwise.”

Donald Houston
Maintenance Training Coordinator
International Paper
Vicksburg, MS.

“The training techniques developed by GPM Hydraulic Consulting focuses on both the technical and hands-on skills necessary to troubleshoot and repair complex hydraulic components. Because the training is plant specific, not generic, our maintenance associates have reduced the amount of costly unscheduled downtime and stress associated with these unwanted events.”

Joe Jenkins
Trus Joist, A Weyerhaeuser Business


This class received the highest reviews of all maintenance classes conducted. We have already seen the material learned put into practice by maintenance personnel who are becoming troubleshooters and not just part changers.

Forrest Petersen
Independent Training Consultant
Ruston, LA

Al and Jack,

I appreciate your help in getting our Winder back on line. We were down to two reel spools and would have had to shut down at a cost of $10k per hour. The manuals you made up for us were a help, and Jack’s expertise had our problem solved in less than 30 minutes. For future help, you could have an emergency number available on your web site. We were headed in the right direction with the help of the diagrams and training you provided us with. Jack, I hated to get you out of bed and drive down, but this could have cost us a tremendous amount of money. Thanks again for the help.

Bruce Harper
Maintenance Superintendent
Graphic Packaging International
Macon, Georgia

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