3-Day Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting Workshop

Eugene, Oregon May 2nd – 4th

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We will be conducting a 3-Day Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting workshop in Eugene, Oregon May 2nd – 4th, 2017.

This three-day troubleshooting workshop is designed for electricians, millwrights, supervisors, reliability technicians and anyone who is responsible for the hydraulic maintenance of your plant machinery. Maintenance personnel view hydraulics differently than engineers, salespeople, or manufacturers. This workshop is designed to include the five things a hydraulic troubleshooter needs to know:

  • The function of all of the system components
  • How to read and use the hydraulic schematic as a troubleshooting tool
  • How to troubleshoot individual components, preferably without removing them from the machine
  • How to properly adjust the system for maximum speed and efficiency
  • The correct reliability checks to ensure machine longevity and uptime

This course is designed with the above concepts in mind. For a full course description, go to: https://gpmhydraulic.com/public-hydraulic-training-3-day-workshop/   or download our brochure that includes pricing, course objectives, a full description, and class schedule. To register call (770) 267-3787 or email gpm@gpmydraulic.com